I am a video producer and designer with over 20 years of industry experience creating storyboards, managing videos shoots, executing post-production, and editing.
I served as Video Design Manager and Producer at Deloitte for almost 10 years. I collaborated with pursuit teams to produce video content to drive sales and enhance client relationships. I managed all aspects of video production from pre-production to post-production and was actively engaged in every stage of project development from initial pursuit to final delivery. I created production schedules, designed storyboards, casted clients for diverse global video projects, directed video shoots, and managed post-production, animation, and editing of the final product.
I defined a video delivery process for engaging pursuit teams to establish standards for all teams throughout planning and production. I mentored and trained other designers and videographers in best practices and led training sessions to optimize efficiency throughout the filming and editing process, ensuring our projects were consistently delivered to the highest standards.
Featured clients include Nike, Ford, Vestar, 3M, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Invesco, and Komatsu, BP, Emory University, Kraft, Harley Davidson, Fifth Third Bank, Allstate, Google, and many others.
"Tsvetana and I have worked together for more than 5 years on various projects, and I have only praise for her. She is recognized around the office as a genuine team player with a “can-do” attitude. Her organizational skills and quality of work is outstanding, and her strong ability to work on project teams has garnered the respect of everyone around her. Her strong work ethic and ability to quickly complete any job thrown at her makes her a valuable asset for any company who hires her." –  Calvin Chen, worked directly with Tsvetana Mech.

"I’ve used numerous interface designs that Tsvetana developed for various website projects. Tsvetana is very creative, knowledgeable of her field, and dependable person and a pleasure to work with in team efforts! She not only gets the job done and well, she is considerate of others knowing that relationships play a very important part within organizations. A natural leader." –  Simon Leaons, Web Developer.

"Tsvetana is an hard-working designer who creates engaging, polished graphical visual presentations for instructional content. Tsvetana also has excellent video editing skills.–  Kathleen Fortney, Project Manager.

"Tsvetana has been a member of teams I have project managed on several occasions. She is an extremely hard working, creative individual who is always looking for ways to produce a better training. I highly recommend her." –  Rob Hyfte, Client Services Director.

"Tsvetana is very creative, flexible, and dependable. I have worked with her for over two years on several different projects, and she has never disappointed!" –  Leslie Shapiro, Instructional Designer/Project Manager.
"Tsvetana is a very creative individual, who works effectively with all of her team members. With her solid knowledge and skills in the field of multimedia design, she provides consistent and reliable work while meeting her deadlines. She also takes initiative in finding ways to improve the development process and brings in new design ideas and concepts to our custom e-learning products. I highly recommend her and she sure plays an important role in our production department." –  Tony Pan, Senior Programmer.


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