Trust in what’s possible
Deloitte has been on a journey with AstraZeneca’s tax and finance transformation. This broad global compliance, reporting, and consulting RFP was our chance to showcase our vision and expertise. For over a year, Deloitte Tax had been working with the AstraZeneca global process owners on their strategic finance outsourcing initiative. For this RFP, a larger team- with a truly global network of experienced and dedicated professionals was mobilized in key “hub” locations. Some key locations within the scope of this RFP included UK, US and Sweden. 
For the orals presentation, the design team incorporated light background animation to keep the audience’s attention.  An element of interactivity was also infused in the presentation which allowed the team to easily move to different sections depending on the client’s interest: a “choose your own adventure” approach. In addition, a panel discussion among the presenters was created so the team could effectively demonstrate their experience and qualifications while still engaging with the audience. The strategic use of animation and design helped the team facilitate an interactive discussion with the client. 
Video Storyboard

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