LSHC Revenue Waterfall Tool
Delivering M&A technology capabilities and insights 

The M&A LSHC team had developed the iDeal Revenue Waterfall 1001, a new analytical tool to assess revenue sources Tor clients potential M&A targets. This tool captures and presents the results using easy-to understand visuals with a high degree of detail. Our M&A and Restructuring Services (MARS) Pursuit Center was asked to help create a client-facing deliverable highlighting the benefits of this tool, along with a short demo of its analytical capabilities.

Pursuit managers quickly determined that a video would be an effective means of showcasing this tool to current and potential clients. They worked with video producer Tsvetana Mech to develop a script and storyboard for the video. Working through COVID-19-related challenges, Tsvetana coordinated with the client service team to design a short demo highlighting an analysis example for a fictional target, and enlisted external voiceover support to record the narration. Tsvetana brought the story to life through Innovative design and dynamic motion graphics The result? A short video that effectively positions Deloitte as a technological leader in the LSHC M&A space as we move into the post COVID era.
Video Storyboard

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