Project Sophia 
Project Sophia was an OTT/Operate opportunity in the Investment Management subsector of FSI. OTT or “Operate” is a service offering that outsources all, or a significant portion, of the tax compliance function and it includes a talent transfer—lifting out the group who currently does the work and moving them and their responsibilities to Deloitte. The pursuit began with a condensed timeline for the initial proposal and continued with more than 20 deliverables, including ultimately creating a sub-brand to guide the onboarding materials for the talent transfer.
Innovation highlights
•  Custom, interactive proposal
•  Custom photography 
•. Microsite
•  Video
•  Post-win deliverables
Custom script and video
An opportunity as large as this had the eyes and involvement of Tax leadership and Steve Kimble, Chairman and CEO of Deloitte Tax, who recorded a custom message for the client.
Video Storyboard

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