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Driving innovation through dynamic VR and web experience

The Tax Pursuit team in collaboration with senior Tax Leaders developed an Operations Transformation for Tax (OTT) VR experience to bring to life for clients the breadth of Tax Operating Model considerations. Tax clients currently face unprecedented operating pressure, including global tax reform and regulatory changes, scarcity of skilled tax talent, and fast-changing technology.        As such it creates a unique marketplace.
The goal was to create a distinctive and captivating experience via VR technology, educating decision-makers about Tax transformation and starting a conversation about their Tax operating model, the goals, challenges, and how Deloitte is positioned to lead that change. 
The VR solution is meant to be used in pre-RFP labs, trade shows conferences and targeted  account meetings. We've also scaled it to a web-based version to offer another layer of options for stakeholders to leverage.
Video Storyboard

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