Ford Motor Company
Accelerating your vision

This proposal was created in response to a global mobility services RFP, for which we are the 15-year incumbent. Our relationship and track record with Ford is strong but given the length of the engagement, governance best practices required a market check. Ford has embarked on what it calls the Ford+ Plan to modernize and drive growth. During program delivery, the importance of relationships with both the mobility management and mobility program users became a main focal point. A team video was created to drive home both points.

It was important that the video feel authentic. For that reason, the video was built around two questions posed to each team member instead of a traditional script: 1) "What does working for Ford mean to you?", and 2) "What opportunity do you see for Ford mobility?" In response to the first, team members shared personal anecdotes from their family histories. Answers to the second question displayed connections between mobility and the Ford+ Plan. The production team combined clips from interviews with footage of the team working in the office and b-roll of Detroit landmarks. The footage was tied together with transitions, motion graphics, and a folksy score. The result achieved the goal of a casual yet professional deliverable.
Video Storyboard

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